Let me start off by saying my project FAR exceeded my expectations. Once again BTP has delivered with top notch customer service in a fraction of my expected time (I didnt think I would see anything for 2 weeks and the models are in my hands today). The attention to detail is nothing short of 100% professional. I want to extend my thanks to both you and the artist on this project.


Shawn and BTP staff:
I shouted out WOW!!! when I opened the photos of my project. It was exciting to see how my vision translated into real life. Everything looks phenomenal. I see a long future with Blue Table painting. I'm already dreaming of armies and terrain projects to come. I'll be looking at the project photos every day until the models arrive.
I'd like to know the painter. I love the attention to the details that I can see. You got the Great Company emblem perfect.
Thank you for all your hard work.




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