Summer Late

Let's see, it's Sunday so time to talk about non-work, non-game related items. Sometimes I forget that literally thousands of people read this blog. Or maybe they don't. I tried getting a counter up but it didn't work. Anyway, not much going on. It was Stake Conference today, maybe 800 or so in attendance. I went by myself. As usual I was uplifted and enlightened. Here are a few items that stuck out to me:

  • Controlling ones own thoughts, to leave out of consciousness unwholesome things until it becomes habit/nature, is the great challenge of life.
  • One should nurture physical and spiritual strength to cultivate reservoirs of faith for when times are hard.
  • Enjoy nature; quiet mornings and evenings.
  • Build a testimony (of things that are true) that is simple and deep.
  • Go before the Lord and confess that you want to do it His way.
  • Are you so touchy you can't be corrected? When correcting be uncritical and kind.

Those are my notes. Just a rough sketch. A few blurbs that stuck out to me.

For those just joining the program, I'm a Mormon. I converted at age 15. My family and some friends weren't keen on the idea but my (single) mother allowed it. It was one of her finer moments. Looking back, it seems a little odd. I was growing up in a liberal town in the 1980s; drugs and fornication for all. I was basically on my own and unsupervised. I had near-complete freedom to come and go as I pleased since age 12 yet somehow I joined one of the strictest religions out there.

I haven't felt strictured, though. In fact Mormon society and events are remarkably clean and wholesome. My life has been vastly better on account of that one decision. But that's a story for another day.

I've been watching "Better Off Ted" season 2 on Netflix. It's a cute show. I also watched Pink Panther 2 with my wife. She hated it. I thought it was light fare and really hit the spot. I laughed out loud at least ten times.

My wife is out for the afternoon and I'm home with the kids. I really like being around them. I feel like I am in Heaven already.



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