Undead Army Ready to March

I've got an Undead army in the studio, ready to paint.

Here's what's in it:
2x Vampire Lords (current edition, one is Vlad model the other a vampire assassin from the Mordheim range)
2x Corpse Cart
80x Zombies
28x Skeletons
18x Grave Guard
17x Ghouls
8x Dire Wolves
13x Fell Bats
2x Varghulfs

Obviously you may want to add or drop models. The special here is that basic infantry are $5 each for painting L3 ($4 each for painting L2) and $1.50 each for assembly. Cost of models at 30% off. Probably in the $1300-1700 range to get it all done even then. Note that it's a LOT of infantry.

Unless you add something (I can't get locally) we can get started right away.



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