Skaven Clanrat Horde Deal

Isle of Blood Skaven Clanrats x120 (three sets):

All costs include the costs of models, assembly and painting.
Painted L2: $668
Painted L3: $822
Painted L4: $932

1) Give them all magnetized movement trays (12 trays, 10x per tray) = +$144
2) Paint up 6x weapon teams (3x plague mortar and 3x warpfire thrower) = +$85
3) Custom unit banner = + $12 each
4) Packmaster and two Rat Ogres L3 (3 models) = +$55
5) Warlord L5 = +$35

For this special we only take very general painting Instructions. We need some wiggle room on how it is effected.

I recommend L3.

Bear in mind that this is a LOT of clanrats, enough to form the core of even a large Skaven army, one of the most impressive feats in all Warhammer-dom. With this out of the way, it's just the fun stuff left.

Want to pull the trigger? I just need a half-down deposit (and your general painting/basing instructions). I got the models on hand and ready to go!



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