Mad Dash

I must apologize publicly: if you are waiting on a response from me via email, I will get back to you soon. I plan on hitting the ground running tomorrow.

Reason? I played two games of Warhammer Fantasy today. I was jones-ing for like four days with no opponent. The game with Josh is partially up right now. It was a nailbiter with a surprise ending, so stay tuned for that.

I played another game with Skymarshall Anonymo tonight and that was pretty awesome. On turn three Wulfrik showed up with a horde of fifty marauders. Same turn my Bloodthirster killed a Shaggoth nearby and Wulfrik and his boys headed back to the ships with a failed panic check. It was sad. Just one of those moments.

Tomorrow is game night at the studio and I think it's time to bust out the Industrial Orcs.



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