I look forward to Mondays. Yesterday I started work right at the crack of dawn, catching up with emails. I wolfed down some Life cereal and headed down to the studio.

I've started watching The Office season one. I've stopped. That show is pure genius but it just makes me cringe. That Schrute guy quite literally gives me nightmares.

Having caught up on Saturday I really didn't have that much to do today, just keep up. I hung out downstairs for a while. We are planning a Magic draft on Friday. I am firmly against playing Magic at the studio. It's a real time-waster. But a draft should be OK.

I got Josh to bust out his High Elves and I took to the battlefield with the Khorne Daemons army. That batrep has yet to be processed but it is coming.

On the personal front all is well. Willow and I watch Ponyo as a ritual every morning and every night. I just love spending time with her. She is coming up on two years old now. She loves milk and drinks a ton.

I've had chronic headaches for a few weeks now, which is of great concern to me. I don't know what's going on. I'm trying different things because there is a limited number of possibilities. I suspect that they are tension headaches from looking at a bright computer screen too long. My wife figured out how to reduce the Brightness which seems to be helping.

I have two Eldar Super-heavy tanks on the block; a Scorpion II and a Cobra II (both the newest edition). $120 each unpainted and $280 each painted to spec.

Unless you've been under a rock you've seen the Dark Eldar. I am beside myself with excitement and we're definitely doing a studio DE army.



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