Khorne Daemons for sale

See more pics.

This is a dual-use army. It works for 40K or Fantasy. The models are on round bases but come with magnetized movement trays. 47x Bloodletters 1x Battle Standard Bearer 1x Greater Daemon of Khorne with custom head 1x Skulltaker 6x Bloodcrushers

This is for sale: $1150

Buy it today and get free Express shipping (in US). Be playing this bad girl by the weekend.

1) Army is only use-able for 40K = $100 less (we drop move trays, battle standard herald becomes just a herald)
2) Army is only use-able for Warhammer Fantasy = $20 less (we mount all larger creatures on squares, bloodletters still on rounds-- that is what they are)
3) Add Bloodcrushers for $40 per model (cost includes model/assembly/painting)
4) Add Bloodletters at $11 per model
5) Add Hounds of Khorne at $25 per model
6) Add anything you want (contact Shawn at for price list)
7) Change Daemon Prince to Bel-Akor model = $40 less
8) Increase Painting Level to L4 (L6 for greater daemon) = $350 more
9) Decrease Painting Level to L2 (L3 for greater daemon) = $200 less
10) Add flying Bloodletters as Furies at $17 per model (using Tyranid gargoyle wings, awesome conversion)



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