Open on Labor Day!

We are open on Labor Day.

I'm actually working on responding to emails as of 5:30am. Will be at the studio early.

Also, got in six copies of Isle of Blood. We will split off just one army or the other for you if you want.

$59 for the box
$769 painting
$204 assembly

The High Elves comprise 42% of the cost ($323 painting/$86 assembly). You can get just one or the other of the armies done if you want. We can expand either into a full army if you want. There are 900 pts of High Elves in the box, and 700 pts of Skaven.

Save 30% going L2
Save 10% with Artistic License
Save 35% with both L2 and AL

We don't just sell the box (unpainted/unassembled). You need to go to a retailer for that.

Download a spreadsheet for Isle of Blood.

Pandora is Dying

I am discontinuing the Pandora's army special as of September 13. Last chance to set one up.



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