Oriental Army For Sale

Got an army on the block. It is a themed Oriental army using the Empire rules. All bases and armament are appropriate and should be good with approval for most tournaments. It all makes sense.

See more pics.

Army includes
1x Hero on foot
2x Battle Wizard on foot
1x General of the Empire on Imperial Dragon (uses Karl Franz entry)
10x Warrior Scribes (can be crew for war machines, stand in as warriors priests or formed together as a small unit of flagellants)
40x Swordsmen (two command sections included)
20x Halberdiers/Spearmen (no command, used as detachments)
40x Archers
2x Hellstorm Rocket Battery

Cost is $890 (shipped in US, overseas is extra +$15-35). Want to buy it? Contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for availability. I will accept splitting it into two payments. (Normal price would be around $1800)

Depending on how you run it the army weighs in at 1750-2000 pts.

1) add anything you want = contact Shawn at bluetablepainting@gmail.com
2) add magnetized movement trays for whole army = +$132
3) add an oriental-themed war machine (any kind with crew) = +$85
4) add 6x oriental-themed war machine crew = +$40
5) add oriental-themed Master Engineer = +$21

What the army really needs to just round it out is 2-4 War Machines.

The FAQ for Hellstorm Rocket Battery makes it an absolute killing machine. Note that it is S5 hit to everything touched by the 5" template. When this thing hits it can wipe out whole squads.

Page 49 – Helstorm Rocket Battery
Ignore all of the text that follows the profile for the Helstorm
Rocket Battery and crew, and replace it with:
“The Helstorm Rocket Battery is a stone thrower, except that it
uses the large round template and has the following profile:
Name Range Strength Special Rules

Helstorm 12-48" 5(5) Inaccurate (see below)

Inaccurate: Place the template normally, and then roll the
artillery dice. If it shows a misfire, roll on the Rocket Misfire
chart. If it shows a number, move the template directly away
from the Rocket Battery along the line of fire a number of
inches equal to the number shown on the dice. Then roll for
scatter, re-rolling any misfire results.”



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