Dragons of Moloch- hindsight

Well, the game is over. The first part at least should be up on Youtube tonight. I won't say if I won or lost. I will say how I plan on improving my army.

Units with the most flexibility seem to do the best. For example, my Raptors have a meltagun, champion with power fist, and a plasma pistol. They are very vast and can take on a variety of threats.

My regular units of Berserkers (I use regular CSM models, with conversions, to represent them) could really use some more flexibility. I plan on including one plasma pistol and giving the champion Melta-bombs standard from now on.

I also forgot during the game that they have Furious Charge. That could have really given me the edge on numerous occasions.

Melta-bombs now standard on the Chaos Lord, too. I might try a Deamon Weapon next time. Not sure. The Lightning Claw is all right.

I will likely just play him with the stat line of Huron Blackheart, though.

As for additions to the army, I think a dreadnought or two would round things out nicely. They would provide good modeling opportunities.

I did pick up some of those Chaos Ogryns from FW, so I think I may just run those as Spawn. That would work.



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