Friday April 25 2008 Joseph Visits

Picture: a Khador Drakhun by Privateer Press for the game War Machine. See the others here.
War Machine is an amazing game. It requires only 10-30 models, a very modest amount. I highly recommend their product.
. and here's a great place to buy the figures:
The boys have been bugging me about Bionicles for over a week. Griffin is now three and it's all he can talk about. He is so sweet about it, too, gently explaining to me what he wants. So, today was the day I strapped those two young gentleman in the car and we headed to Wal Mart to pick up a toy for them. They spent the afternoon tinkering with them and "flying" them around the house.
Having kids is really a great life adventure. People go off about how difficult it is to raise them, but I haven't found that so much to be true. One grows accustomed to the rigours, but then gets to really enjoy the deep and abiding satisfaction and love of it all. I think that's a secret of the universe: elevating others brings joy.
I've also been watching the various X-men movies with Jonah and familiarizing him with the various characters. His journey to the nerd-side is nearly complete...
I got back to the studio in time to interview a potential new Artist. It's a sort of catch-22. I am very satisfied with the current crew but it never hurts to keep an eye out for good new talent. I look mostly for work ethic and love for the games.
The following projects are up for painting this week. As usual, if you don't see your project and are wondering what's up, by all means contact me. However, don't panic, this is only one week of four coming up!
Vampire Counts 01 AS (multi-week)
Albino Orcs 01 JC
Fantasy Figures 05 GM (done, pics coming soon)
Marauder Destroyer 01 GF
Ultramarines 06 TO tanks
Angry Goats 01 (multi-week)
Orks 01 BW warboss on bike
Orks 01 CK warboss on bike
Orks 01 MP fixes (modifications done)
Vampire Counts 01 KS (multi-week)
Black Legion 01 RB
Vampire Counts 01 LE
Biel Tan 02 AS
Dark Elf Blood Bowl 01 CQ
Witch Hunters 03 AT
Dark Angels 01 MC
Mordheim 04 DF
Vampire Counts 02 DW
War Machine 08 BF
In other news, movement trays are being completely stocked this week. This is a great product that we put out. But it has also been a source of delays due to the fiddly nature of the whole process.
Joseph is back in town, and he came over for dinner. We went out to an authentic Mexican place to pick up some dinner. I speak Spanish fluently and I didn't recognize half the things on the menu, let's just say that. We rented "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and watched that with the older kids. What a blast.
I have prepped the first 1500 pts of Tau and I plan on getting those done in time for a Batrep next Friday. That's a lot of guys to paint between now and then! Fortunately, I'll have a little help with the bulk infantry.
I think the missing link in most Tau armies is the Kroot, which most people don't include for aesthetic reasons. Or they are OCD like me and want everything to match.
At this moment it's about 4am and I'm watching X-men 3. I will get some quick shut-eye before the house gets moving.


RanAngel said...

I'm guessing that's the new "Hitchhiker" movie, not the original TV series (which is far closer to the book)?


bluetablepainting said...

I've read the book like four times and loved it. Yes, the movie that came out in like 2006.


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