Sunday April 27 2008 Springtime


Today I have an immense sense of peace and well-being. If it weren't for Sunday, I wouldn't ever stop working. I would work myself to death, I think.

This is a magical time of year in Utah Valley. The mountains are still clad in snow, the air is crisp, the sun is warm, and all the trees have exploded in pink, white, and lavender blossoms. Paint into the picture brick houses; rose, shale, and rust colored. It's really something else.

In church the lesson was on making course corrections in life. I've been thinking these last few years about the process of sanctification- a slow process of becoming better a little at a time. Maybe like petrified wood transforms over many hundreds of years. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get over some of my faults. I am frustrated by my apparent lack of progress. But nothing to do about it except keep plugging away. And not beat myself up.
We rented some movies for the weekend. I thought "Hogfather" would be a dud, but maybe decent for passing the time while I painted up my Tau (speaking of which, I managed 1xSkyray, 2xDevilfish, 4xCrisis Suits, and 6x Stealth Suits). It really was quite good; entertaining, decent effects, humorous, and something to think about. Be warned, though, it's three hours long.
I'd like to thank those that take time to read this blog. For those that find your way darkened, I would like to give you a word of thanks and encouragement. I hope you keep your chin up and keep fighting. For those of you who are young and your way seems uncertain, I say keep going one foot after the other. Things really do get better.
*I found this picture on the net. It's not mine. Same as many of the Sunday pics.


RanAngel said...

Personally, I thought "Hogfather" left something to be desired, just because it's so difficult to do justice to Terry Pratchett's magnificent written creations. Although I do think they gave it their best shot, and they did get Susan very well, I can't think of a better piece of casting.

Paulo said...

I love this non-game related posts...i think that it balances th blog,i mean,its not only game,nor politics,nor whatever...its really like and insight to your life and,in my opinio,thats what it makes it so special and interesting...



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