Wednesday April 9 2008 Yawn

Picture: an ooooold Ral Partha Balrog type thing. This was a really special project, about twenty pounds of old lead figures. See the other fifty! I mean it, do it now.

Oh, man it's pedal to the metal down at the studio. I'm not kidding around.

I'm working on a super-secret project for Adepticon. You can expect some reports from the front over the weekend. My wife and I are leaving bright and early on Friday morning.

Tomorrow I'll be packing up for Adepticon. I'm not bringing as much stuff as last year, that was too much.

Yawn. It was a really slow news day.

So, would you like to know all the boring details? OK, here they come. Because of my rather oddball schedule (I'm usually up until about midnight taking care of business and webwork BUT I get to take enormous breaks during the day for family) the whole family doesn't really get up in the morning. So, Kenna is chronically late to school which is bad, but really the Gatelys march to their own drummer; we don't have any alarm clocks set in the house.

Anyway, it was just Kenna and I getting ready for school and work this morning. I love my "new" car. It has heat and a radio which is awesome. I can't believe I endured that tin can for a year and a half. But no complaints, we have it all right here in the USA.

I went by the Post Office because I think I left some papers there, but they hadn't found them. When I got in there were two people there all ready to work on Assembly. I've brought on a guy for the week to pick up the slack. He's a Warhammer Fantasy buff and knows his stuff.

About noon I headed to the gas station store and picked up a cheap pepperoni pizza which I washed down with some Fresca. The going joke is, "We've got yak piss and fresca... ewwww! I'll take the yak piss." But I like Fresca. Freezing cold with a ton of ice. Oh, and a roll of Neccos. Those things are like a sugar grenade in your system. I could easily eat four rolls in a single sitting, which is why I swore all the gals down at Combos to never sell me more than one roll.

I spent some time in the terrain room.

Then I got a call from the school from my kids asking to get picked up. I was a late and they had already started walking home. They were ticked... and cold. Poor guys. I had to explain that I can't always pack it up to come give them a ride; I had an artist in for a pickup (Winter Elves 02 DB). We headed out to run some errands, stopping by McDonalds for some happy meals.

Anyway, I should have gone back to the studio to pull a late shift, but I just went home. There was a talk from Conference about spending more time with family and that really struck a chord with me (by M. Russel Ballard). So, I pretty much dropped everything and hung out with the family all afternoon.

The following projects are under the brush now and should be done in 6-12 days depending on project size.

Some will be done sooner. There are a few projects slated for immediate completion.

Winter Elves 02 DB +display (the first part is done!)
Trollbloods 02 CS
Legion 02 DM
Empire 03 AS
High Elves 04 DL rush
Firebloods 01 TC
Wargods 01 TP
Tau 03 MN
Emperors Children 05 EB
Cygnar 01 LS
Black Templars 01 AS
Cadwallon 03 JE
Vampire Counts 01 PH
Giants 01 RS
Empire Wizard DG rush
Chaos 01 EH adepticon
Dwarfs 01 TD

The following projects are in Assembly
Vampire Counts 01 AS
Biel Tan 02 AS
Emperors Children 05 EB
Terrain AL
Marauder Destroyer 01 GF
High Elves 04 DL rush
Tau 02 NH
Various Figures 05 GM

As usual, if you don’t see your project and you’re wondering what’s going on , just drop me a line. I’m always available for you.



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