Thursday April 10 2008 Adepticon Eve

Picture: a converted daemonic horror from 2003 when I was still taking pics on my back porch. This army used the Daemonic Legion list from "Storm of Chaos". See the others here. Theres a lot of crazy stuff on the BTP website if you look at it. I think it would take like two months to look at it all.

Here's the deal, I was insanely busy today running up to Adepticon and so I must apologize for being unresponsive. I will keep you posted as Adepticon unfolds. I plan on shooting a lot of video.

I will be arriving at Adepticon (if anyone cares) between 3pm and 5pm.

Check out this Eldar Attack Ship that we scratch built. This is my first foray into "Terrain as Model" and I think it turned out well.

Renn will be in charge of the studio while I am gone. All the projects are checked out to the painters so everything is underway.

I am currently booking projects for May.



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