A Good Word

In the course of my travels, I have come across a few miniatures painting companies that have a good track record. Both of these following companies can produce a good traditional style figure as well as some non-traditional stuff, not to mention display quality figures.

Middle Pillar Path Painting
Some of you may remember Jay (Jason) and Heather from Blue Table last year. They got married and are still painting miniatures under their original name Middle Pillar Path Painting. Jason finished over two hundred projects for Blue Table Painting. Both are accomplished artists.

Grey Matter Musings
Brandon is a fellow entrepreneur. He's always been friendly and has managed to survive this very, very competitive business for many years now.

Battlefield Scenics
Thomas is another accomplished local painter that I have worked with extensively. He can certainly service your L7+ needs. http://www.battlefieldscenics.com/


Anonymous said...

Middle Pillar moved. You might wanna change your link.

Anonymous said...

Great websites!



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