Friday April 4 2008

Picture: a Space Wolf rhino with extra armor. This was a favorite alternate color scheme of mine. I'd love to do a whole army of space wolves with black armor. That would look really cool. "The Ebon Wolves" or somesuch. More pics.

Yesterday my wife was out of town at her friend’s funeral. So, I was home with the kids all day. I managed to not get anyone killed, so that was a bonus. I kept Kenna home from school and we spent some good time together. I also got to put them to bed, which is a lot of fun. I bought some of that spray bath foam stuff and they super-freaked out with that.

Today I was back at the studio with a vengeance. All the emails are answered. All the packages are out.

I have a guy in part time to help me keep things under control. That's a life saver. Alan is also a Warhammer fanatic (mainly Fantasy, and interest is surging for that at the studio).

Ah, and today I got back my Questing Knights 40K army! I sold it to a client, then traded it back. Sweet. I love that army. Alan was super impressed by it and when I recommended that he play me with it against my Dragons of Moloch, he readily agreed. So, we're going to do a batrep tomorrow. And it's about time!

I admit I've been in a funk with armies. I've had a lot of other worries. But I'm starting to get back in the groove. Next army is Daemonhunters. It's static with almost no modelling opportunities. Easy to paint and not too many models to the army. Oh, and they fit in with Dark Heresy.
No session for DH today by the by.

Today was a beautiful day.

The following projects are under the brush this week:
Jungle Movement Trays (has taken waaay too long)
Winter Elves 01 DB
Firebloods 01 TC
Deathwing 04 MD
Fantasy Figures 01 TM
Orcs 01 CF
Chaos 01 KO
Necrons 01 CS (done)
Fallen Angels 02 CC termies
Vampire Counts 02 DW (assembly this week)
Fantasy Figures 03 PM (very close)
Urban Bases JM (done and in digital photography)

The following projects are in Assembly this week (should be done by April 8):
Ultramarines 06 TO tanks
Trollbloods 02 CS
War Machine 03 CS
Winter Elves 02 DB
Marauder Destroyer 01 GF
Black Templars 01 AS
Alaitoc 01 GS avatar
Legion 02 DM
Angry Goats conversions
As usual, if you don't see your project, just give me a ping.

1 Comment:

Viktor said...

The models look awesome

May i ask what set of runes you used for the vehicles? Are those from the 40k universe or from an actual rune alphabet?



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