Wednesday April 30 2008 The Beast Won't Die

Picture: a wrecked Tau Hammerhead which is part of the BASE of a very special project.

Where to start? I am still fighting my way through the Inbox. I still have about twenty messages. No complaints mind you, just saying to hold tight if you're waiting for a response from me. That's the catch 22-- if I need some help, I have to slow things down for interviews (I conducted three today) and then things can proceed more quickly.

Let's work backwards!

Right now, the kids are in bed and I'm watching Scrubs with my wife. I am ashamed that before that we watched American Idol.

I earmarked some of the funds from the Rummage sale to buy some Iron Man toys (masks and nerf guns) for my sons. Tonight, after going to a soccer game with my beloved Daughter, I went to Wal Mart to pick those up. People bad mouth Wal Mart, but I don't see the problem. Anyhoo, it was like a miniature Christmas, the boys fairly well freaked out. NERF has really improved over the years, I couldn't believe how well those things worked. It was a little splurge and a little moment of joy. Very nice.

It was a typical day at the studio; artists coming and going. Angela came in with about half of the hundred or so Movement Trays (magnetized ones) that need to be constructed. That has been a problematic item over the years and Angela is tackling it nicely. In other news, she cut her hair (herself!) on Sunday. It actually looks good. I saw Mike, Renn and Jose as well. All with some really nice stuff to turn in. I've got about five projects on the digital photography table.

My two Forge World battlesuit commanders are together and I'm going to get those painted up for a game this weekend (probably Saturday, assuming someone will fight me).

I interviewed three people this afternoon for General Helpfulness and Assisting People around the studio. My general rule is three to six months before the public gets to see them. So as you don't get emotionally attached to someone who might implode spectacularly.



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