Proceeding Apace

Picture: a Longrider Trollblood. This project had an unusual color scheme that turned out well. I wish it were mine! See the Firebloods here.

Hey all!

I just wanted to do a quick note saying that everything is proceeding apace.

I have a digital camera full of the pics from five projects, I just need to get those up on the site: client initials JE, PH, RS, and DM.

A few waiting for pics: Empire 01 AS, Orcs 01 CF (still waiting on movement trays-- the GF9 bases are microscopically larger than a standard base and so we have to re-do them all from scratch).

And a few other projects are coming in. Some things are delayed due to creation of movement trays, but just a few days.

Tonight I was laid out sick. Horizontal and unconscious for eight hours. Brutal. I hope I am up and running tomorrow because it's Paint Fest!

Joseph came by today, some of you may remember him. He's writing a book and his family is out of state.



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