Wednesday April 16 2008 Lousy Shrimp Tacos

Picture: art by Pedro Navarro from the Buglands website. It's a great site with a lot of tutorials and other inspirational stuff. Just amazing.
I was running errands this morning with my three year old son. While at the bank he was doubled over, whining. I took him to the bathroom to see if he needed to throw up, but he seemed OK. He waited until we were in the car. I don't think I'll be able to eat cottage cheese ever again.
That was the high point of MY day.
But seriously, it was another day in paradise: artists coming and going. We're working on like five Vampire Counts armies right now. They are a delight to paint and everyone loves the new sculpts. They are truly inspired.
There is a trend, though, with new sets to complicate the sculpts. Basic skeletons now have all sorts of bits and bobs; chainmail shreds, wrapping trails, rotted spots etc.
Right now I'm in the mood to get another army going: Tau or Eldar.
I was looking at the Forge World Apocalypse book and reading the entry of the Tau Manta. You know, everyone gripes about how cool it is but I've yet to see a single person actually do one. I've getting pretty antsy about it.
I am really, really thinking over a color scheme for Tau. It's agony. I am thinking of doing green or dark green with a contrasting color of white or ivory or khaki. Hermmmm... Comments welcome. I definitely want to do weathering and battle damage.
Also, my Ghost Warriors Eldar army is being sold on eBay now, by a really good client.


Unknown said...


Greetings from Australia!

I’m writing to (hopefully) help with an option for the Tau colour-scheme…

I seriously procrastinated recently choosing between Tau and Tyranids as my first 40K army build. Tyranids won me over, but not before I fleshed out complete colour schemes for both possible armies.

This was my Tau colour choice. I'm offering it up to you for consideration.

- Chaos Black armour plate (50/50 codex Grey & pure Codex Grey for highlights.

- Scorched Brown fatigues (add layers of Bleached Bone mixed into pure Scorched Brown for highlights)

- Yellow Sept markings on guns and shoulder pads/Tau symbol/random odd panels. Blend through Golden/Sunburst/Bad Moon Yellows

- Liche Purple for eye/gun-sight lenses (highlighted with blends through to Warlock Purple)

Very dark scheme, but eye-catching none-the-less with the yellow offset colours, if this is acceptable.

Keep up the great work! Love your site, YouTube updates and battle reports.Very inspirational and entertaining work.

Cheers mate!
Jason Gillard
(aka HorrorShow)

Blue Table Painting said...

I think this could work. Note that all your primary colors are earth tones, so you'll have to stress your light/dark contrast! Thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Saw you remark about my Tau at Adepticon, but you got pulled away before stopping. I was hoping to chat with you about it and a few other things about your site.

I've seen several Tau armies use a Dark Angels green and dark gray color scheme. It looks good and would be a nice army on top of a dark woodland forest base board. Tau generally don't have the fiddly bits that can get lost in a dark theme looking from a distance.

I'm generally not a fan of super color saturated Tau armies. I think they look better in a more realistic military color, but their clean lines do lend themselves to the intense colors often found on Eldar armies.

I was looking at some of your Eldar ghost army and had thought about using a similar setup for new units of my Eldar. Combined with a deep red it could look quite nice. But as much as I like Eldar I think my next Eldar army will be more in a French or Confrontation style.

I think either Tau or Eldar could look god in a predominately bone color with red accents. The bone is a nice natural color that can be used with a variety of browns and gold/bronze metallics while the red is used to emphasize certain parts of the model.

Have fun!


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