Wednesday April 23 2008

Picture: an Arbitrator Squad. These would make a perfect Inquisitor and seven retinue (five Warriors, an acolyte with carapace armor and bolter, and a cyber-dog familiar).
Would you consider buying them?

My day began by naturally waking up around 8am. My wonderful wife cooked me some french toast (with plenty of butter and syrup like I like it), one egg over medium, and some peppered bacon. That's a good breakfast. I spent the morning fending off my three year old son who adores me (I spent some time with him, of course) while I cleared the Inbox for the most part.

When I got to the studio I found Renn ensconced in the break room, which has become the de-facto assembly room for the time being. I am very happy with the current crew and feel that finally I can rest easy. Everything is smooth. Everyone's heart is in it.

It's been quite busy with comings and goings. I am currently booking projects for the last part of May. If you need something done, you've got to get started ahead of time.

As some of you may know, I finally sold the Tau Drone army which financed a huge splurge on Forge World stuff for my new Tau force. That should be done in the next few weeks. Do you want to know what I bought?

1x Barracuda
2x Broadsides
2x Specialty Battlesuits to make commander types
2x Sensor Towers (I'm a huge fan of these now)
2x TX-42 Pirahna conversion kits
3x Kroot Knarloc Riders

Fun! I picked only things that seemed like they would be interesting to play and look good.

Other news: I took a ton of pics of stuff that I'm putting up for sale soon. Nothing huge, just about eight new listings. See below for some teaser pics.

What else? Angela, Jose, and Renn were all in at the same time and we had a great ole time shooting the bull.

I got home around 6:30pm where my wonderful wife had a meal ready: grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, and peas. Then she headed out to traffic school (turns out she got a speeding ticked some time ago-- my wise policy is to not get worked up about things like that, nor to give her a hard time or poke fun) leaving me with the kids. I watched X-Men 2 with my middle son, explaining each character to him and fast-forwarding through the scary parts.

Spanish Challenge: translate the following-- ?Como como? Como como como.


Anonymous said...

Spanish language challenge = "How do I eat? I eat how I eat." ?Si or no?

Anonymous said...

?What,what?What what what

Blue Table Painting said...

Yes, that's right. I had a teacher from Spain named Blanca who told me that one. "How do I eat? I eat how I eat."


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