Monday April 7 2008 Errands

Picture: an Earth Elemental painted the colors of Amethyst. You can find all sorts of unusual figures in our extensive RPG Figure Gallery.

Let's talk about my car. It's an '89 Plymouth Voyager. It has no heat, no A/C and leaks oil all over the place. Whenever I hit a pot-hole the radio randomly changes from AM to FM or quits out. It's a tin can. But it does get me to and from work every morning.

This morning I headed out with the family to pick up the same line of car except a '94. It has a heater. That's pretty sweet in the winter. I paid $900 cash. It's extremely bad timing, but it was a pretty good deal. It was one of those "old people" cars that is very well taken care of.

I don't buy new cars. For the same cost as a car payment you can buy an old clunker and ride it into the ground for sixty days. And if it lasts longer... bonus!

I ran my errands with my two handsome boys this morning. At Wal Mart I picked up a bunch of drawers for the Bitz Wall, which I am refurbishing. Four people have said they would organize it, but then dropped out. I can't say I blame them, it's quite a challenge. Soooo, I think Alan and I are going to tackle it.

The Bitz Wall is a great resource for BTP clients. We don't charge for bitz needed for your project. If you have a missing part, we just quietly take care of business.

While we were at Wal Mart, Griffin ran off and we had like five clerks looking for him. That kid is a real piece of work. That gave me quite a scare.

I got in an enormous shipment today. I'm going to sort all that out tomorrow. I think that will get about six orders out of the gate.

I interviewed a guy from Salt Lake Valley this afternoon, as a potential artist. He's a Warhammer Fantasy buff. Which is a good balance with the rest of the group which is mostly 40K oriented. I'm getting an almighty urge to do a Fantasy army.

I've pitched the idea of "Dark Bretonnians" to several clients, but with no bites. Essentially, it's an anti-paladin list. All dark knights, but using the Bretonnian list, changing everything to evil names. More to come on that.

Which reminds me, I'd really like to sell off my Tau Drone Army to finance that. I have it on the block for $650 temporarily. I have taken a ton of pictures of this army.



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