Monday April 28 2008 Outside Time

Picture: one of my favorite Confrontation models, which would make an amazing Necromancer for a VC army. Yes, I'm a big fan of crossovers.
Another busy and strange day. I got up at 5am, pounded the keyboard for two hours, went back to sleep. My wife and kids headed off to school and various destinations (she and Jonah went to the zoo today-- field trip).
It was Renn and I at the studio, working on getting things set up for Tuesday, which is the huge traffic day.
I made various Youtube vids:
Rummage sale
You must check out the rummage sale. There's a lot of good stuff on there.
Sorry for the short entry, I'm very, very tired.


Anonymous said...

HOLY SCHNIKES! The paint-job on the Ejhin de Vanth model looks beautiful!

RanAngel said...

Stray thought for you Shawn: You've said on numerous occasions that you refuse to serve a Chaos god named after a vegetable, thought it would interest you that the latin word for horn, and the root of the english word, is actually "corn".

...well, I find it interesting...



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