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[Note: this is a rumor roundup from various other sources. I am still working my way through an inbox, so bear with me if you're waiting for a response. I should be caught up by tomorrow.]

Hi guys

I'm new to the site but I thought what better way to start by announcing the new SW codex is on its way for sure!

I know I'm new here but I've been posting on the Ex-Libris board (Blood Angels) for years and also on a few other sites too.

I work for GW (I know, I know but this is seriously genuine), we've had our plans for the rest of the year given to us and it go's a little like this...
May- WFB and 40K Deamon release
June- LotR release (Mordor) and Hordes of Chaos White Dwarf update
July- 40K 5th edition release
August- WFB Hordes of Chaos army book release
September- 40k Marines release
October- 40k replacement for 'Battle for Macragge' release (Marines v Orks)
November- WFB Dark Elves release
December- 40k SPACE WOLVES codex release!!! This is a FULL codex release not a Blood Angels style White Dwarf update. However, no details have been revealed on it's contents or on the models- so anything you hear/see in that department is just rumour at the moment.

That said, things are subject to change; as was the case for the 'Planet Strike' release, which has been pushed back to next year to allow the team time to sort out the new plastic Thunderhawk (yes, that's correct; a new plastic Thunderhawk!!). Also the Guard were supposed to be done in the last quarter of this year but they will now be early 2009 instead.

Fingers crossed that the above releases stay true and the Wolves get a shiny new Codex by Christmas 2008!!

However, just because there's a new release doesn't mean it will all be good news... I just hope the Wolves don't get "Blood Angel'd" and lose their character to turn into a standard chapter, as my beloved BA did.

New on the Chaos Daemons,taken from the Fog of War forum(that was taken from the Daemons forum???!!!)

Ok gang, I'll try to put down as much as I can remember.

Army Special rules:

army set up: You split your army into halves as close to equal as possible. At this point you must declare if characters are joining units in deepstrike or deepstrike as a lone unit.

You then choose which part of your army to come in first. This half will arrive via the deep strike rules, while the rest remain in reserves. You then pray to the Chaos Gods, represented by rolling a D6. On a 3+, the Gods agree, and the part you choose arrives on the first turn. on a 1 or 2, the Gods decide you are wrong and you must have the other half arrive.

All saves are treated as invulnerable, unless the demons have an armor save above and beyond whats listed in their entry. (IE, Iron Hide=3+ armor save)

All Demons are considered Eternal Warriors, and are immune to the Instant Death rule.

All Demons are Fearless

Heralds marked by one God cannot join units with the mark of another God.

HQ choices: 15 choices! A named greater demon for each God, and a named Herald. Heralds are a 2 for one HQ choice. This means you could have up to 4 Heralds.

Skulltaker, AKA U'zuhl. This guy will become the most hated model in 40k. All hits count as rending, but on a 4+. Any attacks that rend cause Instant Death. He can also be mounted on a chariot or Juggernaught, improving his strength and toughness.

Also, He is WS 7 (IIRC) and 4 attacks with Furious Charge.

Bloodthirster: WS 10, Strength 7 with Furious Charge.

Keeper of Secrets: Fleet! Initiative 10, Hit and Run.

Great Unclean Ones: T 6, 6 Wounds, Slow and Purposeful, Feel No Pain.

Lord of Change: Can't remember a lot; very tricksy I remember.

Ku'gath the Plague Father: Has a range 24 inch, large blast poisoned ORDINANCE weapon, with AP 2

Skarbrand: Got so pissed he took a swing at Khorne himself. Khorne threw him for 4 days and a night after a vicious pummeling, and left his wings in tatters. Any unit, friend or foe, within 24 inches of him must re-roll any failed to hit rolls.

Epidemius makes Nurgle units better as the death-toll rises. 0-4, no effect. 5-7, poison works on 3+ instead of 4+. 8-14 can't remember. 15-20, Feel No Pain is increased to 3+.

The Masque of Slaanesh: Has an ability called the Pavane of Slaanesh. IIRC, its a Lash of Submission ability that is more tightly worded. But she/he/it can use it 3 times at 3 different units.

Bluescribes: Don't remember. Sorry gang.

Bloodcrushers: Obscene. Your opponent will be picking up units left and right if they get hit with these guys.

Beasts of Nurgle: Feel no pain, Slow and Purposeful, ignorantly tough and really hard to kill.

Flamers of Tzeentch: Didn't study them too closely.

General note: most units can have full command group. Icons can have units summoned to them, and not scatter as long as they are no more than 6 inches from them.

Instruments of Chaos: Can be bought for a character and most units. If combat is drawn, then you count as having won combat by 1 wound.

Bloodletters: WS 5, S 4, T 4, I 4, W 1, with Hellblades (Power Weapons) and furious charge. Has option to buy a command group.

Demonettes: can't remember a whole lot. Command group, each model has 3 attacks each, with rending, fleet.

Plaguebearers: T5, Feel No Pain, Slow and Purposeful. Poisoned attacks. Not great, but they aren't going ANYWHERE for a really long time.

Horrors: 18 inch, S 4, AP 4, Assault 3 shooting attacks, with I think the option to buy a Bolt of Change (S 8, AP 1 Assault 1).

Fast Attack
Seekers of Slaanesh: Cavalry models, 3 rending attacks each.

Flesh hounds: Move as beasts, very killy. Karanak is a brute in combat.

Screamers: Move as jetbikes. Garbage in combat with anything other than tanks. Why? Because they count as having Melta Bombs.

Heavy Support

Soul Grinder. Front and side armor 13, rear 11. Ignores shaken and stunned results. It is Fleet. It has 4 attacks at WS 3 and BS 3. Weighs in at 135. Has Harvester guns and a Mawcannon. You can upgrade the Mawcannon to fire a stronger shot, or an ordinance blast. You can buy both upgrades, and use any of the three profiles.

Demon Prince: same as in the Chaos Marine codex, but 80 points and no power Armor. They may have wings, and depending what marks of chaos you give it, access to different demonic gifts. Most flexible entry in the list.

Hope that helps. I'll go back and edit the more I read and retain.


Ok, looked a little harder at the book, and Furies are Fast Attack choices.

All the Tzeentch stuff is dakka as all Hell. Flamers are insanity; Jump infantry with Breath of Chaos and Warp Fire. You can buy one a S 8 Ap1 Bolt of Change. They are elites.

Units like Tau and anything good in combat with a low save is going to absolutly hate Warp Fire. Harlequins, Banshees, Death Cult Assassins: I'm looking at you.

Something else I noticed: If you have a unit that can take a special character upgrade, take it. For example, the changeling is a 5pt addition. His glamour of Tzeentch is a pretty impressive ability.

Basically, you target and enemy unit. That unit takes a leadership check (vehicles counting as LD 10). If the unit fails, then they shoot at the closest friendly unit. If they pass, they stand around confused, unable to fire.

We Are Legion, a Tzeentch ability is amazing. The Herald can shoot two weapons, not the same one twice, at two different units, even if it is in a unit. The unit may fire independently, and the Herald's fire doesn't affect who they can assault after firing.

Karanak grants Move Through Cover, and is impressively deadly unit upgrade for Flesh Hounds.

Seekers of Slaanesh are very impressive; incredibly fast and lethal with the sheer amount of rending attacks that the can throw out, but delicate at the same time. If you intend to charge someone, make sure they're nice and softened before you them in.

There´s also some pics from the new Warmachine figs from Privateer,taked from their site...

-Warrior, sorcerer, and zealous follower of the Dragonfather, Darragh Wrathe ruthlessly commands Cryxian troops in the subjugation of the mainland. The howling of his countless victims follows the passage of Wrathe's hell-wrought iron steed as this necro-mechanikal horror rides to battle. He savors slaying the living whether by the razor edge of his scythe or a sudden eruption of spectral fire.

Darragh Wrathe comes in a box (PIP 34058). A player may field one Darragh Wrathe in his Cryx army.

Darragh Wrathe is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends, the next expansion to WARMACHINE, which releases this summer. Get a preview of Darragh Wrathe in No Quarter #18 this May. Darragh Wrathe arrives this June.

-The Horgenhold Forge Guard enter battle in superlative Rhulic armor, form an impervious line, and deliver blows capable of toppling warjacks with their massive, piston-driven hammers. Though the dwarves remain officially neutral in the southern wars of men, the Forge Guard hire out as mercenaries and bring the power of raw, blunt destruction to the battlefield.

Horgenhold Forge Guard comes in a box (PIP 41067). A player may add up to two blisters (PIP 41068) for a total of ten models and field two units of Horgenhold Forge Guard for each warcaster in his army. Horgenhold Forge Guard will not work for Cryx or Khador.

The Horgenhold Forge Guard is featured in WARMACHINE: Legends, the next expansion to WARMACHINE, which releases this summer. Get a preview of the Horgenhold Forge Guard in No Quarter #18 this May. The Horgenhold Forge Guard arrives this July.

(there was no text to Orin-Midwinter)



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