Tuesday April 8 2008 Burning Up

Picture: Venerable Dreadnought with Dark Angels iconography. The plasma cannon is from the plastic devastator kit. See the rest.

Everyone at the studio is stretched to the absolute limit.

I started my day at 5am. We had "family home morning" this morning, everyone eating pancakes, bacon, hash browns, and eggs. It was great. We sang some songs and just spent some good time together.

I am currently booking projects for May.

I am working on a super-secret project at the studio. You'll see it at Adepticon.

Renn and Alan were working on getting projects assembled.

I got out about four projects at the PO today. I had a ton of certified letters, too, and a massive line backed up behind me. I'm always self-conscious about that. I think it comes from the logging road etiquette of pulling over for faster cars on a single lane.

I wish I could give more. But I'm really insanely tired now (it's nearly 10pm and I still haven't cleared my inbox).



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