Father's Day

Picture: My hand with my young son's newborn hand clasping it.

Happy Father's Day! I love today because I get to do whatever I want and my wife waits on me hand and foot. No. Wait. I got that backwards. Pregnancy trumps Father's Day! But seriously, It's fun to do things for my pregnant little pork pie.

The rules of the blog are: mostly game-related stuff and studio business for six days a week, with some personal stuff for flavor.

On Sunday all bets are off. If you don't want politics and religion then keep back!

Ron Paul Fix

When I saw my daughter, my firstborn, for the first time, surrounded by doctors (her skin was purple) my heart grew three sizes. On the tape I say "she's so beautiful, she's so beautiful". This was from the man who four years earlier had characterized children as "the scourge of the earth".

Boy have my views changed. Now I'd be glad to have as many kids as I could afford!



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