Thursday June 19 2008 Rabbit Stew

Picture: a blast from the past-- my Tomb Kings army from 2001. This is a huge 10" tall mammoth that I counted as a unit of Chariots. I think Tomb Kings are one of the best armies for beginners. I had a great time playing them. They're tricksy.

See the other pics.

Today I was hard at "work" making characters with four staffers for our D&D game. Yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes, I know the Dark Heresy thing only made it six sessions. We'll see if this gets any farther. But I'm excited beyond belief.

I love everything about Fourth Edition D&D. And best of all, they made it into a miniatures battles game, effectively. Sweet.

I have yet to figure out what use the new DMG is, though. The good and useful parts are gutted. Experienced DMs don't really need it.

The following projects are up for attention this week, and should be completed in 5-10 days:

Bretonnians 01 BA
Witch Hunters 05 DM
High Elves 04 CA +plating
Winter Eldar 01 PP er
Emperor's Children 08 EB
World Eaters 07 DM
Chaos Daemons 01 TT
Sa Cea Tau 01 PP
Vampire Counts 01 MS locked
Female Commissar JS
Karandras 01 SN +assembly
Vampire Boyar JB
Dark Angels 02 MC sol. Lok +assembly
Dark Angels 02 JM er
Black Templars 01 DG
Dwarfs 01 KF
Menoth 01 DM

The following projects are up for Assembly attention this week, and should be completed (and ready to paint) in 5-10 days:

Biel Tan 01 CH
Ghost Warriors 05 AS
Chaos Daemons 01 PR
Greenskin Spirits 01 JF +conv
Black Templars 01 DG er
Aliens and Ducks AK
Hell Talon 01 NG
Amazons 01 BC
Vampire Boyar 01 JB
Ultramarines 01 JW
Emperors Gauntlets 01 SM
Marauder 01 GF Repairs
Ulthwe Skyhost 01 JB
Emperors Children 08 EB

I have one golden slot open for mid July. Let's get going soon and fill that one!

As usual, if you don't see your project, just drop me a line and I can tell you what's up.

I have a Vampire Counts army at the studio with no takers. I would do a deal for 50% off cost of materials for that one if you'd like to commission it. What's in it? I think something like this:
Varghulf 1
Konrad Von Carstein 1
Vlad Von Carstein 1
Winged Vampire Lord 1
Wight King on Foot BSB 1
Vampire Lord- foot 1
Corpse Cart 2
Crypt Ghouls (box of 10 models) 2
Grave Guard (box of 10 models) 2
Dire Wolves (box of 10 models) 2
Black Knights 10
Blood Knights (box of 5 models) 2
Fell Bats (blister of 2 models) 2

Angela was in today. We were talking and I was eating this bowl of fruit chunks. Super-healthy stuff. When I was done, I slowly got out a huge-normous king-size Snickers and started chawing huge bites off. She fairly well cracked up.

Personal Stuff
When I got home today I found that one of the rabbits had got out and was savaged beyond description by a neighborhood dog (spine ripped out, face half eaten off). The kids found it first and I think the sight of it really messed with their little minds. "Daddy, we need to find Brownie's head and put it back on her." Soooo, I headed down to clean that up.



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