Friday June 27 2008 Hard at "Work"

Picture: a herd of Shredders from a Legion of Everblight army. That's for the game of Hordes, which I highly recommend.

This morning I got up at a respectable 8am to find my lovely wife already up. She made me some french toast and cantaloupe slices. The guinea pig and rabbit are fully running around in the back yard.

I got to "work" at 10am where I met with my fellow-conspirators for a game of Fourth Edition D&D. I'm running my own spin on Keep on the Shadowfell (this title harkening back to Keep on the Borderlands). I painted up some Lizardmen Skinks to represent kobolds. Those turned out very well with yellow-bone colored skin and green-blue scales. I'll take some pics soon. I will probably flesh it out to a whole Lizardmen army.

I have nothing but a glowing report for Fourth Edition. It's four times as good as previous editions! Now that I think about it, I'm generally happy with new editions of any game. First level characters have a load of options to spice up a combat and it works ever so smoothly with miniatures on a table.

We ordered two pizzas for the game: one hawaiian, and another half combo half pepperoni.

In other news, I am selling off all my 40K armies. Don't be sad. I'll build them up again. Always something new. More details are coming, but here's what I got so far:

Questing Knights: $950 for 2200 pts
Dragons of Moloch: $950 for 2300 pts
Tau Verdaan Sept part A: $800 for 1500 pts
Tau Verdaan Sept part B: $800 for 1500 pts

Email me if you wish to inquire seriously. You can have all three for $3500.

I got a haircut yesterday morning at an old-timey barbershop downtown. I love that, it feels really good to have that mop off.

Tomorrow, I will be paying the price for the D&D game. I'll be down at the studio for a full spread.



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