Sunday June 8 2008

Picture: Art by Alexandra R.

I literally wrapped up Terrain Fest at midnight last night.

I slept ever so well, waking up with little hands on each cheek. I opened my eyes. Griffin was looking at me earnestly. "Dad, I want to pick a show." So, I put on some Ben 10: Alien Force and went to sleep again on the couch.

I am reading the High Elf arm book again. I am really hankering to play a game of Warhammer Fantasy.

(On Saturday afternoon I ran into my good friend James M. at the grocery store and maybe I'll get in a game with him).

I was called like five times this morning for various church stuff, including two requests to sub in primary classes. I ended up teaching Jonah's class which was pretty fun. I'm really good at working with puppets and that holds the little ankle-biters' attention.

The only thing that could make this day perfect would be to have a copy of the new Fourth Edition D&D books. I'd love to run an adventure.

My wife is going to spend the next few days with her sister (who is having major surgery), so I'm left home alone. As usual it will be fun at first then I will miss them terribly.

This afternoon I made an "Orange Cream Float" with double vanilla ice cream and orange soda. It was heavenly, you should really try it.



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