Thursday June 12 2008 Sugar Addict

Picture: Wood Elf battle standard bearer. See the tree kin.

It's been another long day.

Last night, I decided to not eat any sugar for 24 hours. For breakfast I ate celery sticks and carrots and water. Around 4pm today I think I started getting what must be like "the shakes". Is that normal? Do you get withdrawals from sugar?

Right around 7pm I would have ripped the head off a puppy for a king-sized Snickers.

But I held out until I finally had a cinammon bun at 10pm tonight.

Now, back to the regular day. The following projects are under the brush:
Witch Hunters 02 KO
Tzeentch 02 JS Harald done
Inquisition 01 RT
Khemru TP
Orks 02 RC "Matt"
Alpha Legion 01 TU
Tyranids 02 FL display board
Tyranids 01 FL
Vampire Counts 01 MS
Dark Angels 02 JM
Dwarfs 01 KF two weeks
Legion of the Damned 01 MN

There are a number of projects that are in Digital Photography. Those should be up by tomorrow.

The following projects are in Assembly:
Hounds of Khorne 01 CA
Dwarfs 01 KF
Black Templars 01 DG er
Marauder 01 GF Repairs
Chaos Daemons 01 TT
Bretonnians 01 BA
Ulthwe Skyhost 01 JB
Sa Cea Tau 01 PP

If you don't see your project on there, by all means get in touch with me. There are three projects delayed right now for bitz (I think they are all Eldar related!). I am working on those and plan on getting them to the top of the list.

I have no armies that I'm working on. All I can do is think about running a D&D adventure. But I'm really having to learn a whole new game. Fourth Edition is written a lot like a Magic TG rulebook. I think it's very, very positive in almost every way.

My wife is getting jealous. She caught me whispering sweet nothings to the PHB tonight.

If you don't follow Youtube, you really should. I have something new up there almost every day.

I just can't kill the beast! I've been working on my Inbox-- please bear with me and re-send if it's been a few days. Don't think your item isn't important, just be patient. And contacting me on Google chat is really really good.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you do get DT's from sugar. It's a chemical that effects your metabilism just like anything else and so your body can get addicted to it just like caffiene. Your body probably has a tun of insulin running through it and the sugar craving is its way of balancing that insulin.

Couple of other things off topic been wanting to mention:

Congratulations to Sarah on making it past the "too new for video" hump.

Please pass along my compliments to the artist doing the Trollbloods that you've posted here (I know Angela did the first set, not sure on the second). I hate the trollblood minis, but the paint job is good enough to make me consider starting a trollblood force just for the minis.


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