What a Joke

Warning: 100% pure political stuff forthcoming. Sorry, I couldn't restrain myself. This eclipsed every other event today
Today I had the stomach churning task of calling the IRS (to request a copy of my incorporated status… thing). After waiting a half hour, I heard this little gem:

“Please be patient, our representatives are assisting other customers.”

Really? Because I thought customers were what you earned by competing on the open market. Not by using threats and force on your own citizens.

I almost swallowed my own tongue in disgust and amazement.

Case in point: about a month back I got a notice from The State saying, effectively, “You owe us $15,450 and if you don’t pay it in nine days we’re going to seize your possessions, bank accounts and maybe throw you in jail if we please.” Turns out it was more like $36. And probably even then a mistake on the part of the humongous bureaucracy that a notice was sent at all. When asked, the response was that they had simply assumed I was a giant toy manufacturer.
(PS- this little gem arrived on a Friday so I got to wring my hands about it over the weekend).

I wasn’t even worth a phone call, or even sixty seconds of consideration.

This is the contempt the tick has for the dog.

To all those that are within the sound of my voice I say this to you: You are being taken care of by your government. The same way cattle are cared for by the farmer. Make no mistake, you have been numbered and tagged and the stockades are in place.

I have been treated worse as a small businessman than (I imagine) a petty criminal. Case in point: the maximum fine for a Class A Felony is $15,000.

So, when I see them smile broadly or call me “friend” my heart swells with contempt. These are my fellow men who are complicit in a system that loots the common man.

When I watch “the news” I only see dancing jesters and men with white-tipped batons.

And what is almost worse is to think that for many, many years I was at home playing video games instead of getting informed. I’m still working on it. I don’t pretend to know everything, but the more pieces I get into place the more revolted I am at the picture.

We’ve got to do something, anything. Rebellion can’t manifest as non-involvement. Vote Independent. Vote Libertarian. Get a book, any book.

Don't shrug your shoulders. Go do something!

I recommend this book. Ron Paul's "Revolution: a Manifesto". And by the by this is in reference to the American Revolution. I have read it straight through twice and the good parts three or more times.

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Eric Danley said...

You know, I can't disagree with you here. Large government beauracracies such as the IRS as the pillar of inefficiency. Making it worse is that with modern technology, they have no excuse. If the government invested in a real technological system to replace the green screen or Windows 95 machines with a moderately current database system they would save countless dollars through increased productivity and efficiency.

Wheras I may disagree with your overall sentiment about taxes, I can't disagree that this along with many other government institutions are broken.

Eric Danley


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