Wednesday June 4 2008 Undead Deal

Picture: a Pyre Troll from the game of Hordes.
See more pics here.
Hear the commentary of the Artist here.

Right now it's about 11pm and I'm sitting at my living room desk, typing, while my two beautiful snooches eat popcorn and watch the pilot episode of Star Trek Enterprise with me. They are a delight. I can't get enought of them.

Flash back 21 hours. At 2:30am this morning I woke up from a deep slumber, refreshed, and so I ate some pasta, fired up the laptop and took care of some emails. Then I went back to sleep until about 8am.

The family was all sleeping in. It had rained last night, but was green and wet and quiet this morning. I checked on the rabbits. One of them is still running around.

I got to the studio around 10am and started cracking. I didn't get around to unpacking so I still have three packages un-opened there. However, almost all of the projects that were in digital photography are all the way through.

As of June 10 (next Tuesday) I have an Assembler idle. I'd love to get a project going there. He's new, so you don't get to meet him. I will say this, though, he is quite the expert at green stuff. I was amazed to find him putting scale-work on some Alpha Legion tanks this morning. He's got a real talent. He's even completed and cast some scratch models-- they are a little rough for publication, but I think that you'll see some good things from him in the future. You won't get to meet him for about three more months, though.

I picked up a Vampire Counts army, but the deal fell through. So, I have a lot of figures on hand. If you want to commission them, the cost for the models would be 50% off. I am also still running the L2 core-tastic special. It's a really good deal.

Get price guides for Vampire Counts here.

Now, if you've read this far, I have one more plug. I'm making a LOAD of terrain the next three days. If you want some now's a good time to set that up.



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