Opposition in All Things

Hey all!

All right people. Tell me a political type book that I should read that provides a completely different viewpoint from what I normally propose here.

I'll buy the book, read it thoroughly and look for the positive in a forthcoming review.

So what's it going to be?

PS- I would prefer something written recently and less than 300 pages!


Anonymous said...

I Am America And So Can You is a VERY intresting book, but it is more comedy than actual policics. It's also fairly long.

Anonymous said...

Not a book, but the Anti-libertarian pages at http://world.std.com/~mhuben/libindex.html are a decent read.

Anonymous said...

America the last best hope- bill Bennette(Bennett)

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the possibility that those who read and write political novels in today's North America have a fundamentally altered way of thinking about morality and logic?

I'm not a religious person with any layed-out sense of right and wrong, but I can stand about 2 minutes of any political speech before I have to shake my head and wonder who these people are. I think a large part of the population feels the same - note the voter turnout.

I have no political book for you. I doubt if anyone who would want to be a politician in the current system is the kind of person I would really like to follow.

It's like debating which is better for your health - a cheeseburger or a can of pop. I'm still waiting for a salad.

Unknown said...

Have you considered The Federalist Papers?

Its old, but a great deal of current thinking centers around it, especially when it comes to interpreting our constitution.

Failing that, grab the books by our two party candidates. Audacity of Hope is Obama's, not sure if McCain has one.

Blue Table Painting said...

OK, thank you. The Federalist Papers are already on the list. For the purposes of this experiment I'll go with optimistically titled Audacity of Hope.

Anonymous said...


I would suggest any writings by Thomas Paine.

Bryant Smith

Blue Table Painting said...

Bryant: definitely going to work my way back around to the classics.

All: I picked up "Audacity of Hope" by Barak Obama yesterday. So far a good read and more to come about that.


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