Thursday June 5 2008 Terrain Fest Day One

Picture: one of Renn's Possessed for his "Yellow Devils" army.

I am beat.

My life is sweet.

I am working my way through the inbox on odd moments, so be patient. I encourage you, if you have a quick question, to give me a call at 801 372 8545 it will be a lot easier since I can talk to you while I am working on the giant Terrain project.

We are very much hoping to find buyers for all the terrain.

An average table takes about 12 pieces of terrain and would cost $200. Shipping is $15. Keep your eyes peeled a lot of good stuff is coming.

I made an army list for my beloved Hero Sky Raiders army. I thought I only had 1200 pts but I was deeeelighted to find that it was 2000 (without any magic items). So, I'm holding on to it and maybe even adding some pieces.

Did I mention that my gorgeous pregnant wife and I went to see Prince Caspian. I really liked it. It was sweet, sensible, and had some great action sequences but wasn't overdone. The characters and plot were convincing.

Aaaand, Tamie went in for her first ultrasound. It's too early to tell gender (yes, we both like to know) only the due date: December 28. Now, I absolutely refuse to let this child get shafted for their birthday getting eclipsed by Christmas. We all know how that works.



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