You've Got that Orky Feeling


Thank you so much for the over nighting of the Ork minatures. They look so awseome. Whats even kooler, is I played in a rogue trader today and won first place overall and ALSO first place for themed army.

You guys rock, and my army was a great advertisment, I built a 2' X 2' carrying board as well so prety much there was a blue table painted army up all day on display at our local Warhammer shop.

Also, please thank the artist personally. He did a tremendous job and the second batch looked identical to the first. So kool. I wont have money for another order for several months. So, if that artist was thinking about leaving any time in the future could you give me an advance and I would try and get some models into him before he were to leave. That seems highly unlikely but just in case.

Thanks Again,

M. Cross


Anonymous said...

The loota boy looks good, but the base looks unfinished.

Blue Table Painting said...

The client provided the bases.

Anonymous said...

That was the only base unbased out of 140+models I've had done with BTP =), shoulda picked one with a done base for the pic =)


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