Saturday June 21 2008 Saint George

Wonder where we've been?

Friday morning my wife and I dropped of the kids with a good family from the ward (friends of ours) and headed south to Saint George on Friday morning. We shared a car with Tamara's sister and her two older kids. That was a fun family adventure, talking about childhood camping trips and what the world might be.

We whiled the day away on Friday. Tamie and Kathryn headed out to do some bargain-hunting (they pride themselves on that*) or was that Saturday? In the late afternoon we went to the St. George Temple. That's an old building (see above), but kept in pristine condition. And I do mean pristine. Temples are kept in immaculate order down to the square millimeter. Being with family, everyone dressed neck to to wrist to toe in white, temple workers smiling (and meaning it), and a blissful quiet... it's what I imagine the afterlife to be. Or at least part of it.

The human spirit is in every way as intricate and marvelous as the human body. And the spirit world every bit as diverse and wondrous as this Earth. I decided to stick around for a while longer. I'm really looking forward to raising my children.

We all went swimming in the hotel pool that night. The sandstone cliffs looming, palm trees hissing in the temperate night air, crickets droning in the nearby grass. That was a bit of magic.
I am usually a little embarrassed to take a trip or spend money. I guess I feel answerable to my clients, like you all are collectively my boss and might show up at the hotel room and ask me why I'm not at work! For the record, I did spend a half day on both Friday and Saturday clearing out the Inbox and taking care of the day to day operations.

In fact, that seven magical hours in the hotel room, enjoying the good smell and the air conditioning (we stayed at a newly built hotel), was the best part of the trip. Just being left alone, no stimulus. I also got to spend some time setting up my D&D campaign. To recap: air conditioning, silence, peace, food (a BLT and a shake) and new fourth edition D&D books equals paradise.

I'm an easy man to please.

*for you young men looking for a wife, near the top of your list should be how she uses, spends, earns, handles and thinks about money. There's nothing worse than a woman who blows your hard-earned cash like it was nothing. My wife, fortunately for me, is quite frugal and actually has a mental block against spending too much money on any given item.


Anonymous said...

*For young women looking for a husband, the same rules should apply.

Anonymous said...

what a sexist remark shawn

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, I want to know what was deleted.
It's funny, but the first amendment never seems to apply on blogs or message boards unless you're a moderator.
Why ask for peoples comments then? If you can dish it, you can take it.

Blue Table Painting said...

This is an interesting topic. Here's my take (just me personally): I don't know where people get the idea that there's free speech on a blog. Go make your own blog and say what you want there. If someone has something constructive to say, even if they disagree with me or have a different viewpoint, that's all right. But I summarily delete personal jabs, or profane comments, etc.

I really enjoyed Eric Danley's posts. They were well-thought and constructive. Even though I vehemently disagree, I posted his items and pretty much just let them stand.

Further, about six months ago I did a little soul-searching and decided that I am going to run my business how I please, work with whoever I want, and post whatever I darn well please on my blog/youtube.

I'm smart enough to know that some people won't like it. I'd be surprised if I didn't drive away over half of visitors with my political and religious logues.

What perplexes me is that people who don't like what I have to say even come here. I am who I am. Some people seem to delight in hanging around and ripping apart every mis-step. Well, I've got no use for them. Finding fault with me or my operation is like shooting fish in a barrel. It doesn't take much smarts to find a chink in Gately's armor and stick an ice pick in there.

While I'm rolling here, there's another factor-- what if it's some greenhorn twelve year old who's making me get an ulcer. I don't like the anonymous-ness of it all.

Soooo, pretty much, I just summarily delete a lot of comments. On youtube, I ban people for being stupid. Without warning. No chances. Why be so rude? You're a guest here as far as I'm concerned so mind your P's and Q's.

Now as to the deleted comments: the first was a jab at me personally. It was borderline. I published it and responded (my own comment is the second one), but then thought twice and just decided to get rid of both.

Lastly, there's one additional complication. I have a few competing companies, for whom I have the best of goodwill, but who won't leave me alone in peace, and like to comment on my various forums.

I say to all: welcome, welcome to my world. I hope you walk away with something useful-- a life insight or perhaps a hobby tip. But don't spit on my shoes and expect to be invited back.

Blue Table Painting said...

Now as for dan: I agree with "anonymous", the comment certainly applies to both genders. Money mind-set is a critical element.

Blue Table Painting said...

I hope I didn't come across too crass in that giant comment. I don't mean to make anyone feel unwelcome. I just let that sort of free flow there.

arrowacks said...

As usual, you did good, Shawn. Keep it up!

Blue Table Painting said...

Yeah, this post and subsequent comments really made me think about how I'm running the blog. I really think I'd like to hear more comments. What do people think of all this?

Well, in any case, I appreciate any visitors. I sometimes wonder how many people even read the blog.


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