Space Marine Upcoming Releases

Sergeant Chronus of the Ultramarines

Scout Sergeant Tellius of the Ultramarines (I think the U logo could easily be removed, making this into a unique piece.

Ultramarines Sergeant Sicarius

Techmarine and Thunderfire Cannon

Tank Commander upgrade.
Sternguard Veterans with jump packs.

Sternguard Veterans

Codex front cover
Land Speeder variant.
Scout bikes, sweet.

Drop pod. Before this it was home-brew or Forge World (about $110)
Land Raider Redeemer
Crimson Fist Commander Pedro Kantor
A BTP Operative in Portugal, code name "Raptor Talon", sent me these pics.


Paulo said...

Raptor likes it =)


Anonymous said...

Between these and the starter set you're going to have to add a "replace U with chapter symbol" column to your project breakdown. :)

That Sarge character would make a gorgous Inquisitor.


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