Tuesday June 10 2008 Hell on Earth

Picture: Tyranids pour forth from the Deep Desert.

See a video of the Sandstone Terrain set. This can be duplicated and shipped for $350.

I am training a few people to make high quality terrain. So, we will likely make terrain one or two times a month. This is a major deal. We will be making some display boards this weekend.

As of June 17 I will have two Assemblers (Renn and the new guy-- who is INSANELY good at green stuff and conversion work) idle. So, I'm ready to make a deal. I have a whole bunch of materials at the studio that I would offer at 50% off if someone wanted to commission them sometime soon. Of the top of my head I'd say we have a Vampire Counts army, a Khorne Daemons Army (either system) and a 40K Ork army on hand. If you're interested and have a decent budget, please let me know, I will get something very attractive worked up for you... as long as you can get some unassembled models to the Assembly room in about a week!

PS to that-- we are VERY interested in doing more Tyranids and Vampire Counts and/or Daemons. Bring it on.

I also put up a lot of sets of terrain for sale. They are going fast. I expect to have at least half of them gone by the end of this week.

You'll have to check www.youtube.com/bluetablepainting for that stuff. I will be putting two more sets on the block tomorrow.

What's on my mind? Sustainability. When you use Blue Table Painting you get reasonable prices. They are fair to you, fair to the artist, and fair to the company. Those are the three people that all have to be happy for it to work long term. BTP is a real business. We are going on five years in business. I have clients doing part two of armies created in 2004.

Personal: the wife and kids have been away for a few days. I rented Hellboy, ordered combo/hawaiin pizza and slept on the couch. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm glad to have them back.

Tamie got back home late, all three snooches fast asleep in the car. There's something magical about bringing the kids in and putting them to bed.



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