Saturday June 28 2008 Fire Extinguisher

Picture: something one of our artists came across. We didn't paint this.

My day started at 4am. I was up before the dawn eating a bowl of granola and raisins (I'm cutting down on the sugar-- probably already reducing total intake in half). I watched a few episodes of the Simpsons while whittling down the Inbox.

I pretty much hung out at home this morning, finally sauntering into the studio by myself at noon. A client came by-- he's building a Legion of the Damned army. We have very, very few clients inside Utah, so it's nice to get some face time.

I picked up around the studio, making good inroads into the assembly room. The bitz are a constant battle. Think about how much is left over from painting an army every day! This is a HUGE benefit to BTP customers. We don't sell the bitz, we just keep them around just in case you need something. Often we'll take care of a lot of problems that you never even know about. Clients don't pay for the bitz when used in their projects. On the other hand we also keep all the leftover bitz.

I'm using Lizardmen Skinks as kobolds in my D&D game. I'll probably sub in various items from the Lizardmen range. Tonight I brought home a bunch of other various figures to paint up for the D&D game. I'm super-stoked about that.

Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition is the best miniatures battles game I've ever played.

Yes, I just said that. It can be played on an open board just as easy, replacing squares with inches, and using the round 3/4/5" template from Hordes for the various area effect powers.

Around 7pm my wife calls and says "isn't the Ward BBQ tonight?" After slapping my forehead I headed out to that with a watermelon and a huge knife (which I keep around the studio in case of emergencies). That was a slice of paradise-- lots of food and good friends and family.

I really enjoy my family. It's great to see the kids discover everything for themselves the first time.

Case in point, the two older kids found the fire extinguisher in the car and sprayed the whole garage with a coat of fine powder.

Got a few good comments on a blog post from a few days ago:

In other news, I am selling off all my 40K armies. Don't be sad. I'll build them up again. Always something new. More details are coming, but here's what I got so far:Questing Knights: $950 for 2200 ptsDragons of Moloch: $950 for 2300 ptsTau Verdaan Sept part A: $800 for 1500 ptsTau Verdaan Sept part B: $800 for 1500 ptsEmail me if you wish to inquire seriously. You can have all three for $3500.



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