New Release Vampire Counts- on the block

Hey all, I have for your consideration today the following lot of unpainted, unassembled, new models:

2x boxes Blood Knights
3x boxes Crypt Ghouls
1x box Dire Wolves
1x Winged Vampire Lord
1x Vampire Noble/Aristocrat female
1x Wight Standard Bearer
1x Vlad
1x Varghulf

1x Corpse Cart

Retail of $424.

Offer is half price, $212 plus $9 ship. I'll ship them out to you just like that OR you can commission them.

Cost for a L3/5 split (everything assembled and painted) is $850 plus cost of models.

Cost for a L2/4 split (everything assembled and painted) is $590 plus cost of models.

If anyone cares to commission them (sending in a half down deposit) by June 27 2008, I would give a $50 credit towards the project (for early setup).

You can get a full set of movement trays (four of them magnetized and painted/based, and metal plates on all the figures) for $95.


Mark said...

Can you breakdown the cost of the Level splits?


bluetablepainting said...

Hey, if you email me I can send you a spreadsheet with EXACT costs for each item.

bluetablepainting said...

OK, better yet, here's where to download it.


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