Booking for December

Right now we're booking projects for December. Anything you want can become reality. I am on standby via:
Also, there are a lot of single figures for sale on the BTP website. If you buy something, it's best to email me after buying something.
Here's the special for December:

Give Artistic License* for one of the following armies and get 25% off on Painting:

Warriors of Chaos
Vampire Counts
Tomb Kings
Chaos Nurgle (40K or Fantasy)
Space Marines
Wood Elves
If the order is at least 1000 points you get 30% off the cost of materials.
Minimum order $200.
You should request the special by name.
You can contact me for a quote at I can send an a la carte pricing guide.
*Artistic License means we get to pick how it is painted and based. It needs to be within the genre (ie no pink marines!). You get to pick armament and army list.

In other news. I am in the process of updating the various pricing spreadsheets (eg they will now include auto-calculation for various specials like L2), so you may need to request some of them. They might not be on the website.



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