48 Hour Special

For the next 48 hours, until high noon on Wednesday, November 5 I have the following armies on special:

Imperial Guard $950-- video and list here (approx 3000 pts)
Chaos Space Marines $650-- video and list here (approx 2200 pts)
Iyanden $750-- pics here list below (approx 1700 pts)
Dark Elves $550-- SOLD!
It's out with the Old and in with the New!
Also look up single models and units for sale on the BTP website.

Please contact me at bluetablepainting@gmail.com for details and availability.
Farseer x1
Warlocks x3
Wraithguard x10
Dire Avengers x30
Wraithlords x3
Rangers x15
Direct Order Kneeling Ranger x1
>> Wraithlords with large spread of alternate magnetized weapons
Dark Elves:
Dreadlord on Cold One x1
Supreme Sorceress x1
Assassin x1
Dark Riders (converted) x5
Black Ark Corsairs x20
Cold One Knights x5
Cold One Chariot x1
War Hydra and beastmasters x1
>> All models with metal plates on magnetized movement trays (units)



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