Project Status

The following projects are under the brush (or will by by tomorrow) and should be completed in 7-10 days:

Blood Angels 02 TS
Chaos Marines 01 NR
Chaos Marines 02 NR
Ultramarines 01 SA by Fri
Decapitator 01 JD
Wyches of Thoth 02 BV
Nurgle Daemon Prince 01 VS
Space Marines 01 PC
High Elves 03 GO
Chaos Mortals 01 AK
Daemonhunters 01 JH
Khorne 01 EB
Daemonhunters 01 FS

The following projects are in Assembly and should be ready for painting by November 11:

Gritty Orks 01 BC
Jungle Bases 01 JR
Ice Elves 02 SG
Khador 03 MW
Blood Angels 01 TS
Imperial Guard 01 HN
Nurgle Daemon Prince 01 VS
War Machine 13 BF

As usual, if you don't see your project and that seems out of alignment, just drop me an email.



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