Chin Up

dear bluetable staff

my name is pfc. [name with-held] i am with the united states marine corps and iam not state side at the momnet i have been watching ur webisodes on youtube for the past 6 months while ive been in iraq and its the only thing that has got me threw some of the hard times .

i used to play warhammer 40k faithfully and it brings back great memories to see and hear americans having fun and doing what they love thats the main reason y im over here. i just really wanted to thank you and ur whole staff the videos are funny and great cause i dont get white dwarf here. and none of my marine buddies know what warhammer is.

thanks again whoever gets this email please print it and give it to everyone at bluetable. i will be home soon hopefully and will be purchasing something from u guys. it will prob be a space marine whirlwind i love those space marines hahah ...i dont have much time and hope to here from u guys soon just remeber us guys and that u are doing a great thing for posting cool and funny and informative videos......hope to be in the states soon thanks and god bless.

pfc. SG pretty sure ill buy a whirlwind.....u might not here back from me for a while but keep the vids coming ill give u a little more of my story maybe to give u the strength u need i was shot 4 times and lost the left side of my pelvis the dr. told me i wouldnt walk right for a long time ....4 months later i was back in iraq running walking a laughing in that dr. face never give up and do whats right and god will bless and keep u safe please keep the emails coming i really appreciate them.



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