Friday November 21 2008 Cranial Ridges

This picture is just too cool. It's a Dark Elf Sorceress. I played a game of Warhammer Fantasy with Mike D. today, the maiden voyage for my DE army that I've been picking away at. In the game, the sorceress is a deadly opponent with some wicked spells.

At this moment I am at home with my own three kids, and three more little ones from a neighbor, a full house. They are all playing quietly, watching Zula Patrol, or playing board games. Very nice. I am ever so proud of my fourth grade daughter. She made sure everyone had dinner and that the kitchen got cleaned up.

I am currently booking projects for December. Please contact me for any matter large or small.

I have not kept up on the blog as faithfully as usual. When I get home at night I am just ever so tired. Just these last three days. I don't know why. Instead of doing a final run like I usually do, I just fall asleep. But then I'm up at 3am. It's lame.

As always, my mind is boiling with politics, taxes, business, sales, and other worries. However, under all this is a swelling sense of peace and well-being. I look up at the sky and I see a vast and brilliant galaxy of friendly stars, a countless chorus of radiant brothers and I know that I am just a pilgrim in this world, a passer-through. I am a spiritual being having a material experience. I am ready to go. I am ready to stay and fight.

Josephus is back from vacation and he brought back some daemons that were out of sight, beyond amazing stuff. I wanted to shoot some footage of it, but barely had time to get the Warhammer Fantasy batrep done.

What else can I say? I could sure use some orders rightabout now.



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