Saturday November 15 2008 Deep Space

Rhinodon. One of many items I have on the block now.

The cage door opened, but we weren't ready to venture out. Maybe Ron Paul will run again in 2012.

Anyhoo. Aren't you tired of my constant jib-jabbing about politics? Yeah, me too.

We are currently booking projects for December. I still have those specials running (see below). If you are flexible on composition and license, we can be flexible on price.

My thoughtful daughter likes to come out and putter around in the garage while I'm making terrain (which I was for most of today-- I've got a Daemonhunters display board and a TON of tyranid hive ship terrain cooking). She comes up with most insightful sayings, like this one:

Sometimes, when you make a mistake, it gives you new ideas.

It was a crisp autumn day, with highs in the mid 50s, good terrain-making weather. Well, not really, I was freezing my buns off as the sun sank down and the temperature dropped into the 30s. My wife made a lunch of grilled chees sandwiches with tomato soup.

I am possibly going to phase out terrain-making from BTP's repertoire. It almost invariably brings heartache of some kind.

I also have ready to paint the last round of the studio Dark Elves:
10x Black Guard
10x Dark Riders
2x Repeater Bolt Throwers

I'll see how much of an in-road I can make on those.

I had hoped to finish the construction of the tyranid hive ship terrain, but didn't quite make it. I gave up really, just so tired. I then took the kids to Macey's to pick up some milk. Macey's is closed on Sundays so Saturday is always really busy, it's almost like a town market. All are in high spirits, and I usually see people I know there. I carried G. on my shoulders where he is on top of the world, like a little prince. When he gets tired I can feel him lay his cherubic face on my head. As always, I ended up picking up like ten things besides milk.

That little trip gave my ultra-pregnant wife some much-needed rest. She's plowing through the Twilight series of books, pretty much all she's good for these days, but like we say; "pregnant lady gets a pass." She is highly uncomfortable, and I try to accomodate as much as possible.

We are happy in our little lair. I feel a deep and abiding sense of peace. I am on a quest to find equilibrium, to divest myself of material things, to be a wise steward, to live well within my means, and to serve others.



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