Sunday November 30 2008

Thank goodness for Sunday. Otherwise I would work myself to the nub.

Last night, my ultra-pregnant wife went to bed early at my request. She has really had it and seems to be overly round even for 8 months along. That left me with to put the older kids to bed. I let them stay up til around 10pm.

The little three year old didn't make it to the bathroom and poo-ed his shorts. Not knowing what to do with the stinky product, he wiped it on the wall. That was a fun late-night shenanigan... cleaning that up. I kept my cool with the poor tyke*, though, which I'm always glad of. He's a sweet boy, and I think he actually screws up less than I do.

I watched part of Hellboy II and drifted off into long and strange dreams. In one random dream I arrived at Angela's house (but different than her real one, this one way out in the countryside) with some other painters to help her with a project. Her mother was there trying to get two greater daemons of tzeentch to go to bed. They talked with surfer-dude teenage voices.

Seriously, don't eat a big meal right before bed.

Today, I'm pretty down. This has been a rotten week for my quest for betterment. Well, nothing to do but take a deep breath, pray for the grace and goodness of God, and give it another go the coming week.

I was up at 4am, uploaded a batrep, then went back to sleep. I've been recording the Mork and Mindy marathon on sci-fi. That show brings back a ton of good memories. It seems like such a more innocent age. Funny, because supposedly it was all debauchery.

The downstairs of our house (a finished basement is a common item in Utah) is where the kids and I are lairing these days. I'm taking charge of all the bedtime routines and laundry to take some pressure off my wife, and I'm having a good time. I had the kids get all their Sunday clothes ready first thing so there would be no rush to find socks and shirts at the last possible second. Everything went off without a hitch and we were actually early to church. Sweet.

G is still having trouble in nursery. I think he's getting too old for it. He'll be in a new class next month. Tamara took him home early.

I taught the lesson in Elder's Quorum today, a task I am wholly unsuited for. Oh, sure, I love to do it. I can get up in front of any number of people without any unpleasant sensation. The problem is that I'm an self-centered grand-stander. Anyway, I got to pick a General Conference talk and boy it was like being in the doughnut section-- they're all so good!

Other than that it's been a long and lazy afternoon. The boys are bickering over toys. I put the clamp-down on that, having them gather the offending items to be stowed away for the week (this was mom's idea, I wanted to throw them out). Parenting is tough. When to be hard and when to be soft?

Random idea: use a spark plug for an Ork Zzap Gun. Is that safe?

I brought home three army books today: Dark Elves, Daemons and Vampire Counts (I have to brush up on Renn's army!). I'm going to add a unit of Shades to my super-mobile dark elf army.
*tyke or tike
1. Brit, Austral & NZ informal a small or cheeky child



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