Wednesday November 5 2008 Snowfall

Hey Groovy Blue Table Fans!

As usual, we're hard at work on many different projects. Another tremendously sculpted Nurgle Daemon Prince came out of Assembly so be on the lookout for that.

There are a lot of things going on with the studio and in life that I can't talk about right now, but maybe down the road. Let's just say this is one of the hardest times. I had hoped it would get better. But evidently the crap times were the good times. Turns out.

A good friend of mine is moving away. It's so sad I can hardly think about it. But things tend to come full circle through the years.

But I got ahead of myself. I awoke this morning, not well-rested, at about 4:30am and started responding to emails and balancing the checkbook (which I do every day, usually twice a day, without fail). Then a short rest. I was re-awakened to "DaaaaaayAAAD! Kay put snow on my face!" And I was thinking, "where the hal-ibut did she get snow?"

Well, evidently from the back porch. The snow line reached the valley last night. Not even an inch, but it was quite beautiful to see that white crustification over the russet, canary, and verdant green of autumn. I shoveled the drive and brushed the snow from my faithful putt-putt.

I am very much focused on keeping projects working through, and that is going smoothly. Projects can get immediate attention. I am at your disposal. Just waiting by the phone... er or email. I still have one slot open for each of the specials I have running.

Everyone at the studio is ga-ga over the Chaos Mortals spearhead which is in process. Those models are outstanding and we would absolutely love to do more of them.

I also got a few updated spreadsheets uploaded for War Machine and Hordes:



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