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In Utah, we just elected a new Congressman. He's the representative from my district, in fact. He's a fiscal conservative of a Ron Paul-esque stripe. Keep your eye on this guy.

The guy he beat, Chris Cannon, voted for a lot of "emergency" spending. I looked it up. I say good riddance to him. I pretty much just want one thing from my elected officials: STAY IN THE BUDGET!

I would love to see programs and departments get cut.

CONGRESSMAN CHAFFETZ: Yeah, I do. You know, when I read a quote from Barack Obama who just said, quote, we've got to focus on making sure that we're creating those 2.5 million jobs. It's not the proper role of government to create the jobs. It's the business community. It's the local business community that creates the jobs. It's the proper role of government to get out of the way. And somehow we think that government's going to come in and solve everything and be this nanny state, and I absolutely reject that. Absolutely reject it. They have promised to put root beer in every drinking fountain and it ain't gonna happen.

CONGRESSMAN CHAFFETZ: Well, I think looking at our microcosm in Utah, people are absolutely fed up across both sides of the aisle. They clearly wanted change but, look, they want somebody who's going to stand up and tell it to them like it is, and I think that's the success of our story. . . I was outspent by a 12-year incumbent Republican. I beat a Republican, beat one of our own. I was outspent by $600,000, but I had no paid staff, I did no polling, I gave out -- I said no free meals. You come to a Jason Chaffetz meeting, I'm not going to buy you a free meal. We had no campaign office and we said I'm going to be debt-free, there's no -- if I don't raise the money, I'm not going to spend it. And I won by huge numbers. I won by 20 points and I was outspent by $600,000. And I think that's going to happen more and more across the country as people just get absolutely fed up and disturbed by what their government is doing and not doing.

Read the rest of the interview.

Remember: Government can't do anything. It is contrary to the laws of physics. They can only move existing resources around. Only personal industriousness can create. Taxation is the power only to destroy.



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