Monday November 17 2008 Hit the Ground Running

Picture: a Reptus Warrior by Reaper miniatures. Check out his shield.
I was up bright an early, with a long race ahead. First things first, I constructed an alternate back carapace to the Tyranid Bio-Titan. The first one was too flat and looked like a horse-shoe crab. You can't see the new one yet, but will likely see it all finished in about a week. I am please with how it turned out, that was a brain-child long in gestation.
I also managed to finished to repeater bolt throwers for my Ice Elves army, so I'm not ready to take all comers in Warhammer Fantasy. It's high time to have a game!
Joseph is out this week (but still working on the second installment of Wyches of Thoth).
Sarah and I tag-teamed the various administrative tasks down at the studio, getting out a half-dozen projects or so, and getting Payroll ready for disbursal.
I am still booking projects for December, and running the various specials outlined below.
Once home, I was surrounded by my angelic snooches. G wants nothing more than to ride around on my shoulders, even in the house. He lays his sweet head down on my hair like a pillow.
A friend of Tamies came by tonight, her daughter is Kay's age. We sat around and shot the bull about dating, marriage, and what makes men tick.
For politics, I am going to engage in a new excercise and entertain the possibility that all is well and that the gov, is doing a good job. Look forward to that.
Right now, I am about to settle in with the good woman to watch an episode of Heroes. Sweet.
Thanks for reading, and thanks to all our clients. Each one is precious, I have absolutely not illusions: we are lucky to be in business.



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