Thought Soup

"Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?"
First off, I go off quite a bit about delicate topics. I am only a fellow-journeyer. I am very much in the formulative process, at least with politics.. If you have something to say, I am open to hearing other views, and may very well post them on the blog. If you are courteous and thoughtful, I would love to hear it.

About a year ago, I decided to make almost anything an open topic on this blog. I knew this would alienate some people, but I decided that I really didn't care. I'm going somewhere with this. What's the point of owning a business if it's not personally fulfilling. I found myself coming to work and dreading it. Stupid, huh? So, I re-tooled the operation. Smaller and simpler.

Life is too short. Follow your dreams.

I've been expanding on that idea recently. I realized that I really don't want any assets. In business I have given away the idea of Empire. And in my personal life I have decided that I want to divest myself of almost all assets. I don't want to own anything substantive. I will be perfectly happy to drive a used putt-putt car.

I call it "The Happy Peasant". Only the Will of God could make me change my mind. Owning material things is a burden. I do think, though, that sometimes people can use wealth as a way to bless the lives of their fellow man. But for me, I think I'm going to figure out how to live with security, frugality and peace. What is the minimum needed for that?
I have a good marriage and three (soon to be four) lovely children. I have a sure testimony of the goodness and reality of Diety. I know that God lives. If I die, I get to be with HIM, and if it is His will, I will stay and perform any duty that is asked of me. And I care not for my own life. Other than that, just need food, shelter, and fuel. I think I'm golden.

The problem with owning things is that the sharks start circling. I won't belabour the Reader with the list of non-producers in society who have managed somehow to affix themselves like barb-toothed ticks to the life and labor of others.

I started thinking about the times I was happiest in life, and I realized they were proportionately INVERSE to how much money I had. For example: when I was 13 and we lived in Ashland we had an enormous black walnut tree out front. I climbed up there and nailed in a board as a backrest in the crook of a tall branch, nailed in a small box to keep my penny candy in, and spent many an afternoon just reading books. So simple.

As an adult, I experienced complete Peace in my Soul as a missionary. All my possessions fit into two suitcases.

Life as a young married man was idyllic even though we ate on the coffee table in our little apartment.

Less things more life.

Credit Cards are evil. And I don't say that with any reservation. I think that Usury is a blight on humanity. Life doesnt' take Visa. Visa takes away life.

The fruits of your labor is the manifestation of your life.

So, I'm in the process of simplifying. A lot. First order of business is to get rid of debts. This dovetails nicely with the process of divesting myself of material goods. Which reminds me: I put up more new stuff for sale:

My new retirement plan: have a massive coronary at age 65. Hopefully I can finish my mortal mission by that time. The human body was designed to run out. Death is part of the journey.



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